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A Faustian Tale

Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott 

Book by Kate Mulley and Nathan Wright

Arrangements by Michael Mott

Joshua Zecher-Ross & Jeff Theiss 

Orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg

Based on a work by Justin SilvestriMichael Mott 

IN THE LIGHT follows Dr. Johann Faustus, an astronomer, who is accused of blasphemy by the Holy Inquisition. Guided by a mysterious being called the Traveler, he flees with his wife Ana, to the small town of Engelhousen. There he meets a young scholarly woman named Gretchen, who shares his goals. 


Gretchen believes Doctor Faustus can use the town to begin a rebellion against the Inquisition. Together, they create a plan to resist its coming and to overthrow the power of the Church, much to Ana's resistance. 


As their plot proceeds, secrets which Gretchen has hidden are discovered and Johann’s ambition is undermined by his own tormented mind. The Traveler urges the two forward and their dysfunctions entangle, leading to disaster for all. 


Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott

Book by Gretchen Suárez-Peña

 Inspired by the true story A Love Not Meant For Me 

by Aryana Rose

THE FAIRY'S TALE tells the story of a Latin woman working in France and her passionate love affair with an Italian man, many years her junior. The musical celebrates the complexities of love and relationships, and acknowledges the time to move forward through the selfless act of letting go.

In 2022, the show received two table readings in NYC, produced by The Latiné Musical Theatre Lab.  In March of 2023, The Fairy's Tale will receive its first industry presentation in NYC, directed by Peter Flynn. The cast includes Broadway's Eden Espinosa as Aryana Rose Diaz, Antonio Cipriano as Gianluca Lejuene and Julia Bain as Valerie/ Woman-In-Black/ Mother Mary. Joshua Zecher-Ross will serve as Musical Director with Michael Clarkston as Stage Manager and Elliott Cunningham as General Manager. 


A Mafia Comedy

Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott 

Book by Corey Skaggs
Directed by
Lorin Latarro

Mob WIfe 4b.jpg

MOB WIFE, A Mafia Comedy is a madcap musical farce centered around a 1970s Italian housewife, Debra Delbono. When disturbing news comes out about her husband’s faithfulness, she is forced to question her near-perfect marriage. To make matters worse, her husband seems to be struggling to meet his obligations as Mob Captain, putting the entire family in jeopardy. Through a series of mishaps, miscommunications, and near-fatal misunderstandings, she learns that her husband isn’t the only one keeping secrets. Debra must get to the bottom of all this deception and try to get her husband on track if she’s ever going to set the record straight - she just needs to stay alive long enough to do so.

Copy of Riding Out The Storm.png



A Ten Minute Musical


Book & Lyrics by Christine Toy Johnson

Music by Michael Mott

October 29, 2012. Late afternoon. On the day Hurricane Sandy is set to hit Staten Island,

a woman must decide whether or not to evacuate the house her late husband built.

Written as the first year final project for the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Writer's Workshop in 2013, this piece originally starred Broadway's Victoria Mallory as Beth,

Jaygee Macapugay as Jane and television's John Bolger as Bob with direction by Broadway's Michelle Pawk.

The below demos were recorded in NYC in 2014 featuring Broadway's Mimi Bessette 

as Beth, Jaygee Macapugay as Jane and television's John Bolger as Bob.

In 2014, Riding Out The Storm was invited in to participate in the National Asian Artist's Project Festival of New Musicals, produced by the legendary, Baayork Lee.The cast included Hazel Anne Siegel as Beth, Anne Fraser Thomas as Jane and Mel Maghuyop as Bob. The production was directed by Alan Muraoka.

In October 2023, a film adaptation of the piece was released by Moongate Productions. Starring Mimi Bessette as Beth, Diana Huey as Jackie, Wade McCollum as Bob and

Mel Maghuyop as Beth's husband. Christine Toy Johnson adapted her book and lyrics for the screenplay while Michael Mott expanded the songs and composed the film score.

Riding Out The Storm was accepted into the 2023 New York International Short Film Festival and was directed by Bruce Alan Johnson. The soundtrack is available on all major streaming platforms.


Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott

Additional Music & Lyrics by Mike Squillante

Book by Corey Skaggs

Directed by Gregg Wiggans

Produced by TopRat Entertainment

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 11.13.35

LUCIFER was a piece commissioned by Top Rat Entertainment during the summer of 2015. This original musical retells the story of the Bible from the Devil’s perspective. With a looming deadline quickly approaching, The Boss assesses that a crucial element is missing. One particularly cunning angel comes up with a game-changing solution: humans. Betrayal and obsession take hold leading this angel down an iconic path to their own personal Hell.




Lyrics by Michael Mott
Music by Jeff Thomson

Orchestrataions by James Sampliner

The Prophet is a musical adaptation of Khalil Gibran's book of the same name from composer, Jeff Thomson. Each song features a lyric by a different collaborator and Thomson asked Mott to write the lyric to the lesson "On Time."

Right On Time is the result of their collaboration. The demo features a vocal by Andi Alhadeff.


Project in development. 

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