A Faustian Tale

Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott 

Book by Nathan Wright and Justin Silverstri 

Arrangements by Michael Mott

Joshua Zecher-Ross & Jeff Theiss 

Orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg

IN THE LIGHT follows Dr. Johann Faustus, an astronomer, who is accused of blasphemy by the Holy Inquisition. Guided by a mysterious being called the Traveler, he flees to the small town of Hertz. There he meets a young scholarly woman named Gretchen, who shares his goals. 


Gretchen believes Doctor Faustus can use the town to begin a rebellion against the Inquisition. Together, they create a plan to resist its coming and to overthrow the power of the Church. 


As their plot proceeds, secrets which Gretchen has hidden are discovered and Johann’s ambition is undermined by his own tormented mind. The Traveler urges the two forward and their dysfunctions entangle, leading to disaster for all. 


A Mafia Comedy

Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott 

Book by Corey Skaggs

Arrangements by Jeff Theiss 

Orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg

Mob WIfe 4b.jpg

MOB WIFE, A Mafia Comedy centers around Debra Delbono, a mob wife in the 1970's, who longs for the life she once had. A time when her husband, Tony, thought more about her and less about the stresses of being the Captain of the Staten Island Mafia. Through a series of mishaps, miscommunications, and near-fatal misunderstandings, the two finally rekindle their love - Now, they just need to stay alive long enough to enjoy it.


Music & Lyrics by Michael Mott

Additional Music & Lyrics by Mike Squillante

Book by Corey Skaggs

Orchestrations by Jeremy Roberts

Directed by Gregg Wiggans

Produced by TopRat Entertainment

LUCIFER was a piece commissioned by Top Rat Entertainment during the summer of 2015. This original musical retells the story of the Bible from the Devil’s perspective. With a looming deadline quickly approaching, The Boss assesses that a crucial element is missing. One particularly cunning angel comes up with a game-changing solution: humans. Betrayal and obsession take hold leading this angel down an iconic path to their own personal Hell.


A Ten Minute Musical

Music by Michael Mott

Book & Lyrics by Christine Toy Johnson

October 29, 2012. Late afternoon. On the day Hurricane Sandy is set to hit Staten Island,

a woman must decide whether or not to evacuate the house her late husband built.