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“We were very thankful to have Michael Mott come offer his knowledge, craft, and expertise to our students of The Professional Performance Prep. His artistic eye saw through the obstacles that our students were stumbling over and he always sought out a way to correct them.

Michael Mott encouraged each of our vocalists to push themselves and to find new, innovative ways to explore undiscovered parts of their voices. One of our students (who has taken almost all of our master classes and privates), went on to say that he was one of the best teachers she worked with and appreciated his “attention to detail” and “ability to fix” anything she struggled with.

We thank Michael Mott again for stopping by and visiting our studio!”

Jessi Clayton, Artistic Director at The Prep, Eatontown, New Jersey


“Michael Mott did a master class for my high school Musical Theatre students, wherein they each sang a solo for him and he gave them feedback. I was absolutely floored by Michael’s insight – he treated each of them completely differently, focusing on a different element of technique or performance for each student.  I was particularly impressed with how quickly and clearly he was able to convey techniques and ideas for them to work on in a short amount of time.  I couldn’t recommend Michael Mott more highly.”

 Adam Berger, Artistic Director at Arizona Conservatory for Arts & Academics



"Michael Mott provides students with a level of excellence in teaching that we look to provide in every Studio Tenn experience. 

His charming and compassionate teaching approach gives students a safe and fun working environment to grow exponentially in a compressed amount of time.  It was a honor and joy to have Michael join the Studio Tenn family, and we are looking forward to future classes and artistic endeavors with him.”


Benji Kern, Artistic Director, Studio Tenn, Tennessee




"I've found that when I've brought in other artists, some were either great with the students, but their content lacked a higher level of substance that I was hoping for, or I've had the opposite where the artist presented material that was too advanced for their stage of development and didn't really know their audience.  Michael's class was a wonderful combination of age-appropriate discussion and activities and he was also able to captivate the student's attention while being highly relatable.  They ask often when he's coming back again!”

 John Zisa, High Tech High School Musical Theatre, New Jersey




“Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio had a masterclass with Michael Mott, February 2018, and our students learned so much!

We had each student perform their song and/or monologue for Michael and he gave such great feedback on how they can improve, what the industry is looking for and just an overall great technique for performing and auditioning. Michael gave some great tips from his own career and even taught the kids one of his own original songs, "Get Up On My Feet", which the students later had the privilege of performing at Michael's Concert,"Michael Mott and Friends" with two other Broadway stars! Overall, his masterclass is a must!”

Alex Rasmussen, Co-Owner of Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio, Pennsylvania


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